HIS DARK MATERIALS: NEW ART BY ADIE BLUNDELL, Solo Show 24th November 2012 to 17th March 2013 - The Herbert Art Gallery

DARK MATTER solo show at The Lewis Gallery, Rugby October and November  2014



HIS DARK MATERIALS was the first solo exhibition by Coventry-based artist Adie Blundell.

Blundell's work is composed of new and found materials sculptures are formed from plaster, latex, salt and iron, incorporating keys, locks, light switches and medical equipment. His series of masks is disturbingly alienating but also compelling as a vision of different sides to his personality: Alchemist, Doctor, Hypochondriac, Ancient Mariner, Voyeur, and Wolf in Sheep's Clothing. Large scale, detailed drawings of ravens, albatrosses and other birdlike creatures are presented alongside the sculptures in the exhibition. Inspired by alchemy, folklore, poetry and obsessive Victorian collecting, the works reflect the multiple obsessions which dominate Blundell's life.

HIS DARK MATERIALS raised questions about the very nature of human existence and our precarious position within the natural world.